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The Artist

My name is Nor-Ain, I am the lead photographer and owner of Q-Moments Photography in the Philippines. I am currently in Germany, working as a freelancer in portrait photography.

I love nature and deeply feel the connection of every single little moment with it. My passion is expressing my creativity through photography.

I depict various stories of what I see and document them through my camera lenses.

I enjoy capturing moments and genuine emotions while having fun with my clients. I love working with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” - Dorothy Parker

The goal of my work and my passion is to provide high-quality, professional photos for my clients. I establish a pleasant relationship and atmosphere by listening and being able to anticipate each client’s expectations in advance. I strive to be available to the client at all times. I tailor the pricing structure for each available package to fit the customer’s budget and requirements.

When you book with me and choose to use my services, I will be with you and your friends or family; make yourselves comfortable while I document your day.

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